Works in Progress

Solo-authored papers:

“How does cooperation among bureaucrats affects policy performance?”.

“Why do bureaucrats work together? Micro explanations for cooperation”.

“Conditional effects of decentralization on inequality: Evidence from a panel analysis”.

“An analysis of the effect of inter-agency networking on performance at the subnational level”.

“Social Capital and Institutional Performance: An approach from Public Service”.

Collaborative papers:

“Are the job opportunities created by service in presidential cabinets gendered? 
Evidence from 4 countries” (with Maria Escobar-Lemmon and Michelle Taylor-Robinson).

“Spillover effects in Public Service Motivation: How female managers influence their co-workers” (with Maria Escobar-Lemmon).

“Women and Corruption: Do Female Bureaucrats Combat Citizens’ Perceptions of Government Malfeasance?” (with Maria Escobar-Lemmon and Thiago Silva).

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